Midwest Quiet Time Ombre Swirl Pet Bed

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The Quiet Time Deluxe Ombre Pet Bed is designed with both your pet's comfort and your home's decor in mind. Quiet Time Deluxe Ombre Pet Beds feature plush, ultra soft polyester that is tufted to provide extra comfort for your pet. These versatile beds are a NW Pets customer favorite and work equally well in the home or as an interior pad for most standard size crates.


  • Super soft deluxe plush bed for dogs and cats works great as a stand-alone bed or for inside your pet’s crate.
  • Helps keep your pet warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer.
  • Non-skid grip on the bottom holds fast on hardwood or tile floors.
  • Neutral colors that complement your home décor.

Choose from Gray Swirl or Taupe Swirl color. Machine wash and dry.


  • Size 18 Inch - 17 Inches Long by 11 Inches Wide
  • Size 22 Inch - 21 Inches Long by 12 Inches Wide
  • Size 24 Inch - 23 Inches Long by 18 Inches Wide
  • Size 30 Inch - 29 Inches Long by 21 Inches Wide
  • Size 36 Inch - 35 Inches Long by 25 Inches Wide
  • Size 42 Inch - 40 Inches Long by 27 Inches Wide
  • Size 48 Inch - 46 Inches Long by 29 Inches Wide
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