Iceland Pure Pharmaceutical Grade Salmon Oil Supplement for Dogs & Cats

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Give your dogs and cats the daily benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids with Iceland Pure Pharmaceutcial Grade Salmon Oil for Dogs & Cats! This is one of our most popular supplements due to the wide range of benefits it offers to your pets.

Salmon oil is a natural source for Omega-3 essential fatty acids, which are important nutrients for the skin and coat - and for overall health of the immune system, circulatory system, brain and joints. Unlike plant-based Omega-3 supplements (such as flax seed), fish oil is readily processed by the digestive system of dogs and cats, resulting in more available essential fatty acids per serving. A daily supplement of salmon oil is a must for any dog or cat with skin or coat issues, including those caused by allergies - but it will make a noticeable improvement in the coat of any animal, young or old.

Iceland Pure is 100% Icelandic Salmon Oil that comes from the clean, pure waters of Iceland. During the bottling process in Iceland, Iceland Pure salmon oil goes through a detoxification process that removes virtually all toxins and heavy metals - to the point where they are below detectable levels so that the oil can be called "toxin-free." The filtration process also removes the majority of the "fishy" smell of the oil, which makes it great for dogs with beards or long hair that contacts food at mealtime.

Iceland Pure bottles their premium grade salmon oil in brushed aluminum bottles with a micro-thin epoxy coating. This not only prevents cross contamination with the container, but it also prevents any light degradation that may occur in white or clear containers. These bottles are recyclable and include handy pumps for accurate dispensing.

Choose from 8.75oz, 17oz or 33oz bottle.

Recommeded Dosing (1 pump = 1/2 Teaspoon):

Dogs & Cats:

  • 50lbs or under - 1,000mg per day = 2 pumps
  • Greater than 50lbs - 2,000mg per day = 4 pumps
  • Greater than 100lbs - 3,000mg per day = 6 pumps


Salmon Oil, Mixed Tocopherols (natural Vitamin E preservative).

Guaranteed Analysis (per Teaspoon):

Crude Protein 0%, Crude Fat 99.9%, Moisture 0.1%, Crude Ash 0%. EPA max 644mg, DHA max 476mg, Omega-3 Fatty Acids max 1,118mg, Omega-6 Fatty Acids 82mg.

Omega fatty acids are not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO Dog & Cat Food Nutrient Profile.

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