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Fluff & Tuff Finn Koi Plush Dog Toy 15 Inch

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Fluff and Tuff Plush Dog Toys come in a variety of lifelike designs from the animal kingdom that your dog will love to pal around with! Whether choosing a critter with faux fins, fur, feathers, or scales, Fluff and Tuff toys are made of high quality, ultra-plush fabric that both looks and feels a cut above other plush toys.

Fluff and Tuff toys feature new, non-toxic poly fiber fill, a durable 'Tuffweb' mesh liner for added durability, and double-stitched concealed seams with no hard exposed edges (which are natural chewing targets!). Finished off with embroidered eyes with no loose pieces and a large, durable squeaker, these toys are a great combination of quality, appearance and durability.

However, a plush toy is only as tough as a plush toy - meaning that these toys are not recommended for 'dissectors' who like to take toys apart or power chewers. As with any plush toys, Fluff and Tuff toys are NOT designed as chew toys and playtime should be supervised.

Choose from the following menagerie (depending upon availabilty) -

  • Olive Froggy, measures 6 Inches tall
  • Truman Owl, measures 8 Inches tall
  • Harriet Hedgehog, measures 9 Inches tall
  • Savannah Baby Gator, measures 12 Inches nose to tail
  • Gus Ferret, measures 12 Inches nose to tail
  • Walter Wabbit, measures 12 Inches nose to tail
  • Peanut Chipmunk, measures 13 Inches nose to tail
  • Rocket Raccoon, measures 15 Inches nose to tail
  • Finn Koi, measures 15 Inches nose to tail
  • Georgia Alligator, measures 18 Inches nose to tail
  • Gil Koi, measures 20 Inches nose to tail
  • Sadie Bear, measures 20 Inches nose to tail
  • Monty Python, measures 40 Inches nose to tail

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