Your pet will simply thrive on a raw diet, which is composed of fresh and natural whole food ingredients that are digested, absorbed and utilized by your pet's body as nature intended!  This "species appropriate" feeding method replaces common commercial dry "kibble" food, which is often high in carbohydrates, with a wolf-like (or wild cat-like) diet based on raw foods that are low in carbs and rich in animal proteins, fats and bone (about 85% to 95% of dietary volume).  Complementary fruits and vegetables are added to round out the proper balance of key elements such as vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, while fillers such as cereal grains or artificial ingredients are left out completely.

The concept of the raw diet is not based on a whim, but rather on concrete scientific evidence.  Your faithful canine companion is essentially a domesticated wolf that remains 99.8% similar to their closest gray wolf relative on a comparative DNA (or genetic blueprint) basis, and shares many biological traits with their wild counterparts.  Cats are very similar physiologically to their wild cousins, as well.  On a metabolic level, wolves, dogs and cats all share an ability to thrive on a minimal amount of carbohydrates in the diet and to effectively digest meat and fat, and rely upon natural enzymes and probiotic bacteria to enhance the digestive process.

With several decades of experience now in the history books, a number of key benefits of feeding your dog or cat a raw diet have emerged.  Raw diets:

1) Offer whole, fresh, identifiable ingredients to your pet that are rich in beneficial proteins, fats and enzymes that retain their full nutritional value because they haven’t been altered by high heat (they have not been cooked!);

2) Remove or minimize dietary allergens such as grains and glutens and contain no artificial ingredients such as preservatives, colors or flavorings;

3) Promote easier digestion and absorption, keeping your pet's organ systems in balance and their stools minimized as compared to traditional grain-based dry food diets (and many grain-free dry diets, too);

4) Enhance visible signs of health and vitality, including cleaner teeth, naturally lean body mass, optimal energy levels and supple skin and coat; and

5) Help keep your pet (especially your cat) hydrated and in good urinary tract health, since raw diets are rich in moisture (when frozen or rehydrated).

With so many benefits, it is fair to wonder why more people don't feed their pet a raw diet!  The simple answer is that in the past, raw foods typically have had cost, convenience or safety issues that have limited their acceptance versus canned and dry foods.  The barriers to feeding raw food have greatly diminished in the recent past, however.

Many of today’s commercial raw food diets are carefully formulated to be complete and balanced right out of the bag – meaning that they meet or exceed 100% of your pet's dietary requirements without supplementation.  In addition, many commercial raw pet food companies use the highest quality ingredients found in pet food today – essentially the equal of what you would eat on your own dinner plate!

Several companies we carry, including Stella & Chewy’s and Northwest Naturals, treat their raw ingredients with high water pressure that kills pathogenic bacteria such as salmonella and e.coli in the food, so that it is now safer than ever to handle and feed raw food to your pet (especially for pets or pet parents with weakened immune systems).  Since there is no heat applied during the high water pressure raw food sterilization process, the nutritional value of the fresh ingredients is not harmed.

Current raw pet food products are now also quite easy and convenient to feed, as well.  Frozen formulas come in a variety of feeding options ranging from bite-sized nuggets and medallions for cats and small dogs to larger patties and chubs perfect for bigger dogs over forty or fifty pounds.  Feeding frozen raw is as simple as thawing the right amount of food overnight in the refrigerator for the following day.

Freeze-dried or dehydrated raw dog food or raw cat food options take the storage hassle out of the equation and allow you to keep the food at room temperature until it is time to feed.  Simply add warm water and you are ready to go, which is a great option for folks with limited freezer space, travel or as a meal topper for dry food.

Join the Raw Revolution today!  Try some raw food for your pet, as just a portion of their daily or weekly diet (if not all), and see what a difference it can make in their overall health!

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