In Idaho, we are blessed with the best of the outdoor lifestyle right on our own doorstep!  Jogging, hiking, and water sports are just a few of the Spring through Fall activities that are popular in our area that are likely to be favorites in your neck of the woods, too!

Getting the right gear for the right activity is just as important for our pets as it is for us.  Safety, comfort and utility are the key factors we use to evaluate and select the products we carry for outdoor pursuits - and quality always counts, too!  Read on for more information and some product tips for making your next outing a happy one for you and your four-legged friends...

Walking & Jogging

One of the great aspects of pet ownership is that those of us with a dog are far more likely to get out and take a walk or a jog on a regular basis. In fact, the physical and psychological benefits of frequent exercise with your pet are now well documented!

When getting out for a walk or run, it's important to choose a safe and secure leash for your pet.  Active lifestyle leads like the EzyDog Cujo include design features like comfortable, padded grips that are easy on your hands and make it easy to keep your pet under control in crowds or near traffic. We also have also selected a variety of leashes perfect for jogging, such as the Ruffwear Roamer, that incorporate "bungee" cord into the body of the leash for shock absorption and have handles that can be expanded to attach around your waist to go "hands-free."

Please don't forget to keep both you and your pet hydrated when walking or running, too, especially when the weather turns warm!  A collapsible water bowl is a great item to bring along.


If you choose to head off the beaten track and into the woods for a hike or a backpacking trip, consider having your pet pack their own gear.  Many dogs have an instinctual yearning to have a job, and will really enjoy taking some of your load onto their capable shoulders!  In fact, with some practice, your four-legged hiking companion can pack up to 25-30% of their own body weight in gear.

Dog packs now come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are equipped with savvy features adapted from human gear.  Slim packs such as the Singletrack Pack from Ruffwear are designed as easy to wear canine hydration packs and come standard with Platypus water bottles.  Saddle and messenger-style packs like the EzyDog Summit Pack allow more room for carrying water, food, and gear, and are thoughtfully designed to be both comfortable and durable over many miles of use.

Water Sports

Many folks now take their dogs along with them when they go boating, paddling, or swimming, but not everyone plans ahead for some common safety considerations. If your pet is a senior or couch potato who lacks endurance, or will be swimming in water that is cold, swift or rough, a canine lifejacket is a great investment.  We have many customers who choose to put a "float coat" even on breeds that are naturally comfortable in the water.

Canine lifejackets such as the Dog Flotation Device from EzyDog are designed for safety, but they can be comfortably worn for extended periods during the day.  Another added benefit of a float coat is that they are constructed with bright colors and reflective elements that allow your pet to be seen more easily by boaters.

On your next outdoor adventure on land or in the water, gear up and let your pet join in the fun!

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